Monday, February 8, 2010

Make a small contribution !

Dear User,

You are redirected to this message:

You are heavily using without giving anything in return
You accessed 3000 of our pages or more.

Please make a contribution:

- report an error

- give detailed feedback

- send images of foraminifera

- send a sample containing foraminifera

Please understand, that the project depends on contributions.

Please contact us to solve this issue. 


  1. like this... ane kasih cendol dah

  2. cheap trick.bullshit hack. web was hacked, who find, learn, seek knowledge. I hope you are more knowledgeable :D and enjoy all the sciences, fortunately I was not trapped. :) I have another way to open this web. regard for fuckin hacker

    1. Is it so difficult to make a contribution after having used 3000 or more of our pages ???

  3. hack.. hack.. don't believe with this web blog.. he redirecting the original database of foraminifera to this blog. bullshit with this web blog. this men, just look for a profit from the this blog

    1. Hi man,

      this is no hack. After you used 3000 or more of our pages, just give something back like a detailed comment, images, samples ....

  4. hack.. hack.. hack..