Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Incoming Samples 2010 Weeks 4+5

An envelope from Michael (Louisville, Kentucky / USA) arrived with about 40 single forams from the Mississippian and Pennsylvanian: huge Fusulinids (see drawing of parafusulinid), Orbitulinas and Endothyras. See the interesting blog Louisville Fossils. Now I have first Paleozoic forams - what an excitement. Thanks a lot Michael. I will send a package with European forams back for Herb.

Kirstens material from Australia has arrived, several samples from the beaches of Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia - 200-300g in total. In half of a spoon from Woolgoolga - Solitary Islands Marine Park, NSW I found about 100 forams ranging from Textularia, Miliolids, Elphidiums, Planorbulina, Cibicides to Globigerina, Globorotalia - o my God - there are about 200 spoons left, to be analyzed :) Thank you so much Kirsten.