Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Miocene - the genus Florilus

The Miocene epoch lasted from 23.0-5.3 Mya BC and has foraminiferal faunas closely related to recent ones. The genus Florilus is common in Miocene sediments of the shelf. Some authors placed them in Nonion.

Florilus boueanum (d´Orbigny, 1846),
Stade, Germany, Pre North Sea, Middle Miocene

Florilus boueanum (d´Orbigny, 1846),
Gram, Denmark, Pre North Sea, Miocene

Florilus grateloupi (d´Orbigny, 1826),
Calvert Cliffs Bed 10, Maryland, USA, Miocene

Florilus chesapeakensis Gibson, 1983,
Calvert Cliffs Bed 4-9, Maryland, USA, Miocene